Create Together At Home During The Lockdown

Create Together, like many other arts businesses have been exploring different ways of staying connected with people during the Coronavirus Lockdown. For so many people attending a Create Together course is not just about the art, but a way of connecting with other people and having fun.

Amy aged 54, lives on her own and suffers with long term health conditions along with anxiety, which has resulted in her finding it hard to socialise and make friends. Amy had previously attended a Create Together arts and craft course and was waiting to join a new course after Easter. Due to the Coronavirus the course has had to be postponed, leaving many people like Amy feeling scared, lonely and isolated.

Amy said “Attending the arts and craft course gave me a reason to leave the house and gradually made me feel less anxious. Creativity has helped me through a lot of difficult times and has played a significant role with helping manage my anxiety. For me, the course wasn’t always about making something but spending time with other people, chatting and having fun in a safe environment. I will miss the course as it was a life line to me, but I am going to try and stay positive and use some of the craft ideas I have learnt from the last course during this difficult time”.

Helen said “I am normally facilitating the courses in the community, but because all my face to face work has been cancelled people can not attend them. I thought, why can’t I help people and try and get the the art materials out to them at home?”

Using the materials which were purchased for the courses, Helen has made up some art packs and has been able to deliver them to peoples doorsteps.

“Knowing that I was having an art pack delivered to my doorstep this morning gave me the reason to get out of bed. I am really grateful to Helen for checking in on me and sending me the materials to make a lovely sun catcher” said Amy.

1 thought on “Create Together At Home During The Lockdown”

  1. I know how Amy feels, I look forward each day to create something new, it keeps me motivated and in touch with like minded people when I share my work.

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