Quartet Community Foundation funding

Many thanks to the Quartet Community Foundation for funding Create Together during the Coronavirus Pandemic, enabling Create Together to make-up and distribute a further 100 art packs to people in North Somerset who may be lonely, isolated or struggling with poor mental health.

Create Together has already delivered 100 packs during the lockdown which have been funded by North Somerset Council. These art packs are proving to be vital for peoples health and wellbeing. The packs have been distributed to people who have previously attended a Create Together course or who have come through other community services and Covid-19 support groups.

Helen said “the response when I deliver the art packs is amazing. It’s a great opportunity to have a chat and check in on people face to face, even if it is from a distance. I’ve had people send me photos of the things they have made, and I’ve received phone calls from people asking for tips or to share their own creative ideas with me. The art packs not only give people things to make and do but also act as conversation starters”.

2 thoughts on “Quartet Community Foundation funding”

  1. Well done Helen that’s great to hear. I’ve been painting pebbles like crazy and they are slowly making there way around the village via little hands and little feet! Think there’s a group in Clevedon doing the same thing? I know it happens somewhere in Oxford and Milford too. Every best wish, Margaret.

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