May Week 1

During the month of May Create Together are going to be taking part in the ‘Get Creative at Home Festival’, a campaign that encourages people to try their hand at something creative.

Create Together has partnered up with North Somerset Council and will share a weekly craft activity that you can create with items that are found around the home, garden or whilst out on your daily walks.

Week 1. Driftwood Wallhanging

Materials needed:

  • gather approx 10 small pieces of driftwood or sticks and let them dry
  • 1 longer piece of driftwood/stick
  • string or wool
  • paint, I used acrylic
  • scissors
  • paintbrushes

Paint each stick with a different pattern, leaving some of the natural wood showing through. I used stripes, dots and lines.

Tie the string/wool around the top of each small piece of wood and tie off with a double knot. Then tie each piece of wood to the longer stick so they hang approx. 2cm apart.

Cut a longer piece of string and tie off at each end to enable you to hang up your driftwood wallhanging.