June Week 1: Zentangles

Create Together has partnered up with North Somerset Libraries to share a creative activity for you to create at home using items found in your home, garden or on a daily walk.

This week I have created a Zentangle. Think of it as a meditative doodle.

Zentangles – bringing out the artist in you

Zentangles are a fun and relaxing way to create beautiful structured patterns. Zentangles are spontaneous and free flowing so you can focus on each stroke and not worry about the end result. Think of it as meditative doodling.

Materials needed:

  • Plain white paper
  • Black pens – felts, fine liners and marker pens
  • Scissors
  • Plain black or darker colour as background
  1. Draw approximately 7 circles on your page. These do not need to be perfect.

2. Start drawing patterns and lines inside your circles. Do not worry if the lines are wonky or not straight. I find its easier to concentrate on one ring at a time.

3. When you are happy with your outlines start to add more detail and block colour to your design.

4. To show off your Zentangle cut around the edge and mount it onto a piece of darker paper.

Zentangles can be made from any shape and colours can be added.