June Week 2: Sun Catcher CD Mobile

Sun Catcher CD Mobile

Materials Needed:

  • Old CD’s
  • Sharp knife
  • Masking tape
  • Permanent markers or Glass paints
  • String or thread
  • Something to hang your CD’s from, I used and old bike part.
  • Beads for decoration

1. Carefully scratch away a small area from the top face of your CD using the knife
2. Stick masking tape over the scratched area, press down firmly then peel the tape back off the CD. The silver covering will stick to the tape leaving a plastic disk.
3. Using a black marker pen or paint, draw the outline of your design. (you can trace you design onto the disk if you are not confident to draw freehand)

4. Using coloured marker pens or paint colour your design. Leave too dry.

5. Tie a different length of thread or string on to each disk, add beads or charms. I recycled an old bike part to hang my CD’s from but you can hang them from any found item you might find at home, such as a coat hanger, piece of wood or a hanging basket bracket.