June Week 3: Retro Style Sunshine Picture

Add some 70’s sunshine to your walls

Retro Sunshine

Materials needed:

  • flat piece of wood – found in my shed
  • wool, string or coloured threads
  • pannel pins, small nails or tacks
  • hammer
  • template – photocopied the outline
  • pencil
  1. Choose an image or pattern that has fairly straightforward outlines.
  2. If you have a home printer print of the image – draw by hand if you do not have a printer.
  3. Cut around the outer edge of your template.
  4. Position on wood and lightly draw around template.
  5. With a hammer lightly bang in the nails – see picture below, all the way around your template. Leaving equal spacings between each nail.
  6. Begin by tying one end of your wool around a nail, leaving a tail.
  7. Wrap the wool around the nails by criss crossing each time you change direction. This will create a web effect. Pull the wool tightly to avoid sagging then tie off when you have created the effect you want. Carefully snip of any loose ends.
  8. You can layer up different colours and textures with your wool to create different designs.