June Week 4: No-Sew Cushion

No-sew method is an easy solution to making a cushion if you don’t have a sewing machine. They require very few materials and take very little time.

Materials needed:

  • Material – cotton or fleece 2x 22in x 22in
  • Cushion stuffing or a pre made cushion infill
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Place fabric squares one on top of the other
  • Cut the unwanted corners out approx 3in x 3in

  • Cut slits around each edge of the material. 3inches long and 1 inch apart
  • Tie the bottom and top slits together, and then double knot. Leave one side open for stuffing.
  • Fill cushion with your stuffing or cushion insert, don’t forget to push it down into the corners.
  • Then, finish tying the last slits together.