Week 5: Plastic Pop Bottle Plant Holder

Materials needed:

  • empty plastic pop bottle
  • newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • string, wool or garden twine
  • a few beads ( I dismantled an old necklace)
  • acrylic paint or gloss paint
  • scissors
  • varnish if hanging outside
  1. Cut the bottom of the bottle away and discard along with the lid.
  2. Tear newspaper into strips.
  3. Stick newspaper onto the outside of your bottle using the PVA glue. Leave too dry. Repeat until you have approx 8 layers. (do not stick inside)
  4. When dry, paint bottle with your chosen design. Leave too dry. Varnish if you are putting outdoors.
  5. Cut 16 lengths of string 1.5 meters long.
  6. Tie all the lengths of string together approx 10cm from one end, this will form the tassels at the bottom.
  7. Sit the neck of the bottle onto the knot and then divide the string into 4 sections evenly spaced around the edge of the bottle. To secure, tie the string to the neck/screwcap with a small length of string.
  8. Knot each group of 4 strings together approx 5cm up the bottle.
  9. Divide the string as you go up the bottle and tie with the 2 lengths either side to form a criss cross effect, adding beads if you wish.
  10. When you have reached the top of the bottle bring all the strings together and tie off in a double knot.
  11. To decorate add some beads to the tassels at the bottom.
  12. Your hanging planter is now ready to plant out.